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World leaders on six continents condemned the decision, as did several US governors and mayors.

The US President, saying that the deal hurts American workers and jobs, announced that he would work to tailor a better deal with the world.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he does not judge Donald Trump’s decision to quit the landmark Paris climate change deal, and that he thinks there is still time to reach an agreement to suit all nations “Don’t worry, be happy,” Mr Putin told an economic forum in St Petersburg.

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The Paris climate agreement, reached in December 2015, is an international agreement that seeks to keep the global average temperature no more than 2C above pre-industrial levels, and below 1.5C if possible.

In order to help developing countries that would be hit hardest by a switch from cheaper fossil fuels, advanced nations such as the United States agreed to create a 0bn fund to provide financial aid.

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