Battery by strangulation dating violence

With the possibility of an online Florida domestic violence database, which would be retroactive if implemented, it is especially important to avoid conviction of domestic violence.At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, we can help you with all of the legal aspects of the domestic violence charges you are facing.

The following chart provides some basic information about domestic violence laws: Florida's crime laws define domestic violence as specified types of violence committed against a family or household member.

For example, a threat of physical harm might become an assault charge, while physical contact or injury might become a battery charge.

If a prosecutor can establish one of the aggravating factors set by Florida state laws, the state may pursue a charge such as aggravated assault or aggravated battery, which results in prosecution of the offense as a felony and entails a more severe punishment.

A criminal defense attorney can work to fight these charges and to avoid any possible jail time.

At Law Offices of Germain & Mc Carthy, LLC, you can speak with a skilled defense attorney with years of experience representing clients against domestic violence charges and related offenses.

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