Dating rickenbacker 4001 bass

The first electrics by Ro-Pat-In were introduced in 1932 under the Electro String Instruments trademark, which later became the Electro String Instrument Corporation.By 1934, the brand name on the guitars changed to Rickenbacker.Problem with that is that the bass has none of the pre/early 1973 features, making it most likely a 1974 at the earliest. Guitars were on hand at the factory many years ago, some not shipped until called for. Hall has said himself that the internal documents from the older days exist, and has referred to them on occasion.One instance was a 360/12, bought new in April 1970, with a 1968 serial number. If the records are incomplete to any degree, I have no knowledge of this.

However, not many people know much about Rickenbacker basses, despite how important they have been to the bass market.It's not like they break easily, and nor would anyone go the trouble of changing for a '77 serial, when the bass is worth exactly the same as an '81.I am aware that sometimes parts sit around the factory for a long time, but is it possible that the jack plate sat around for 4 years at the bottom of the box?The Rickenbacker Company was founded by Adolph Rickenbacker and George Beauchamp in 1931 in Los Angeles.It was initially called the Electro String Instrument Corporation.

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