Drupal dating theme

By default all subscribed members have access to a user's private profile at the time of creation.But the user owning the private profile can remove the default access and add only certain individuals of their choosing, either upon request for such access from that individual or of their own choosing.

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Hello, I have a big dating site with thousands of members and visitors each day. I need the basic features of a dating site : - Complete profile - complete search members (but age, but location, but different affinity, ..) - complete interaction between members (private messages, chat, comments on profiles, friends, ..) - blog/forum/ ..As the entire dating site that has been built so far is based upon drupal modules (very few code snippets) I see this showcase as a display of details (modules, themes, etc) that I use to implement the functionalities required. One is a Lesbian Dating site and the other is serious dating site. Both sites employ pretty much all the modules as stated in this thread except Buddylist as it did not need to utilize any user relationship/association type functionality.The templates have HTML5 and CSS coding which makes them super flexible. The multiple homepages also provided added degrees of flexibility.There are header images to showcase promotional offers or special events.

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