Linked excel chart not updating in powerpoint Moble teen sex chat rooms

This works fine initially - if I change the Excel it either refreshes the Power Point automatically or as soon as I click update link.The first problem arises when I have to save either Excel file and/or Powerpoint file as different version following signifcant changes.

Link to Excel is a feature that allows you to import data from Microsoft Excel™ into Mekko Graphics.

So I've been having a bit of a problem recently, I somewhat solved it, but I'd love to see if anyone has a better suggestion.

I have created a powerpoint file with a bunch of graphs using the simple method of copying and pasting them from excel.

This feature is used in the event where you have a fixed chart that points to a changing data source (for instance, a weekly sales report) which allows you to simply replace the data source and refresh your chart, rather than repeatedly copy and paste new data each time the chart needs an update.

Once a link has been made, Mekko Graphics will remember the Excel range that was used so that future updates can be made. button and navigate to the location of the spreadsheet containing the named range.

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