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Sunil Kulkarni has 392 followers on Twitter and his posts talk about ‘future life awakening, soul making trainers and dual energy of male and female.’ If those words sound like the mumbo, jumbo of a cult leader, they probably are.

The Mumbai Police allege Kulkarni is the leader of cult Shifu Sunkriti which allegedly entrapped young people and forced them into drugs.

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After joining the group, youngsters are administered drugs, hypnotised, and made to have sex with Kulkarni and others, they claimed in their plea.5.Many webcam dealers or suppliers in Mumbai, provide service for establish web camera network. Cctvs, security cams, ip cams are installing in companies, Industries, Offices, shops, malls, hotels, restaurants, cafes, resorts and public spaces.Google also display map with google street view and live web cams all over world.This is only publish online webcams from Mumbai, Thane or navimumbai.Live stream web cam concept is new in India but in nearest future it will be very popular.

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