Modern day dating etiquette

Always the first Monday after Daylight Savings Time National Workplace Napping Day is celebrated by doing just that -- sleeping at work.With the missed sleep from moving up the clocks, this is the perfect day to take a break at work and catch a nap.A group of men would bear the body on their shoulders.By the time of the Middle Ages in Europe, the "pallium" had become a "pall" that was rectangular and was used to cover the coffin especially as it lay in a Christian church.If you prefer to take a gift, gift ideas such as wedding planning materials, a bottle of wine, or something that both the bride and groom would enjoy are good choices. It has come to our attention that last week, Major General James Cowan, the commanding officer of 3rd (UK) Division, sent his officers a three-page guide to etiquette.The pall is still used in certain religious denominations to cover the casket while in the church.

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From the Engagement Party to the Bridal Shower, to the Bachelor/Bachelorette Party to the Wedding itself, the gift giving obligations just keep coming.To minimise grief, try arriving within half an hour of the stated time. But if the ladies put on a nice dress, do their hair and daub on make-up, the least a chap can do is make an effort. “Feeling a little bloated afterwards” doesn’t count.Pallbearers is the modern name for those individuals who carry a casket to the grave. In ancient Rome, when a man died, his cloak, or "pallium," was spread over his body or coffin as it was carried from the home to the cemetery.At some point, the second group of bearers disappeared from the ceremony but the slightly incorrect name remains.Bearers are usually selected by the family and loved ones.

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