Philly web camera for black teens

SEPTA police say a group of teens got into an all-out brawl.A lot of the wild scene was caught on cell phone video. It was a chaotic scene after school Thursday that SEPTA's police chief says happens far too often."I have to tell you, this is becoming a daily event, throughout the city, either street corners or outside schools or on the SEPTA system," said SEPTA Police Chief Thomas Nestel.MANHATTAN PUBLIC-SCHOOL COMPLEX HAS BEEN WITHOUT HOT WATER FOR NEARLY 3 YEARS And from Center City to Northeast Philadelphia, SEPTA passengers say they often don't feel safe when high school and middle schoolers are on board.The street clears out and she’s one-on-one with a teenage female.That’s when everything turns from Worldstar entry into footage that will leave Philadelphia Police Department spokespeople fielding questions from the media and push-back from the activist community."When they get out of school, all the cursing, fighting, smoking on the bus, spitting everywhere.I have a 4-year-old son," said Sade Lisojo from Northeast Philadelphia.

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Police would later announce that the 16-year-old suspect admitted to striking "the officer in the face, knocking her glasses off the officer's face (and) breaking them." That portion of the video has already prompted web posts like “GRAPHIC VIDEO: FEMALE POLICE OFFICER BRUTALLY BEATS YOUNG WOMAN!"It's just an ugly situation from start to finish," said Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross."There's no denying that."The melee was captured on cell phone video in Southwest Philadelphia on 54th near Springfield Monday afternoon.She was dragging me by my hair, banging my head on the ground, on the car, punching me, sat on top of me and was punching me in my face," Pendleton said. He said he found what he was witnessing "confusing" because he also thought the Pendleton was trying to back away."The girl was saying 'Don't touch me.You don't got to touch me.' Then, the next thing you know she just swung the little girl to the ground and started punching her," Douglass said.

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