Play festival days dating sim

Before the end of the game, accumulate at least 600 EXP and talk to him 50 times (he will run out of dialogue.) This is the player's character. When the player selects the correct option when speaking to him, he responds with "Aha, yeah!

That's nice indeed." When giving him a gift, Akito likes: lunchbox, cookies, plush, cook book, and coffee.

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This post is all about "Festival Days Sim Date", a game where you have 30 days to get a boyfriend (You are a girl) for the cultural Festival at your high school.

I am gonna tell you about the boys you can choose from, cheats, and ending results.

You have decided to visit the Sunshine Harbor to find your lost childhood friend.

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It is OKAY if you say the wrong thing to a boy, because you can just try again, and there are only two options for each dialogue. When you first get to know him he is dating a girl named Hana, but their relationship soon ends, causing him to be free.

*EDIT* TIP: With the Stats, having the EXP for the boy of your choice anywhere over 3500 will get you the "best ending". NOTE: This Contains spoilers, I will make a note of when a spoiler (the ending) is about to show, it is up to you whether you want to look at it or zoom past it. Gifts that Mako likes are: Soccer Ball : 25 EXP Watch : 25 EXP Mp3 : 25 EXP Lunchbox : 30 EXP Cookies : 30 EXP For the Cultural Festival Mako is participating in the "Haunted House".

When on a date, only the items they like will improve the mood.

Talk to them three times, give them 2 items, take a picture, and finally, kiss them. Have around 25 charm to earn more EXP with guy of choice. He may be a little ignorant at times, but he tries his best to treat everybody well." He can be found in the Noru Cafe.

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