23- summer girl on the name Of lish Of delnar (Lisyu Of dayelnar) from California fell into Shired Of neshs for the fact that she composed the enormous diagram , which demonstrates, who with whom will sleep in internet-tusovke of the West coast OF THE USA.

The diagram, which is called simply Sekhchyuart, is executed in ASCHII & to mdasyu; i.e., with the aid of the standard terminal symbols, without everyone pseudos-graph.

“Investigations lend themselves to interactivity because they are a sort of ‘crime story’ and involve a process of evidence gathering that you wouldn’t have in other forms of documentaries,” Ruhfus says of the decision to “gamify” her story.

Graphs consists of nodes and edges, or things and the ways that things relate to each other.see above for corrections to this rather faulty piece.* russian sexchart article - local link - 1- 3-02 english translation - according to babelfish "if two names they are connected by line, this means that between them there were kak the minimum, moist kisses." * geeks are having lots of sex - local link - 1- 2-02 "Personally, I think that the fact that the entire chart is still done in ASCII is its greatest feat." * klubq: 'sexchart' angers many - local link - 1- ? if you have any versions i'm missing, especially from the 7or 6series, please send them to [email protected] Or is this all one man's conflated introspection of his extended bachelorship? - local link sexchart v9.33 - 4- 6-03 sexchart v9.32 - 2- 6-03 sexchart v9.31 - 12- 3-02 * newstoday - 10- 4-02 "computer underground since 96" * - 11-16-02 the first mention of the microwave festival project. anomaly - - 8- -02 "the goonies sex/blowjob/kissing chart v2.5". sexchart v9.29 - 7-28-02 sexchart v9.28 - 7- 8-02 sexchart v9.27 - 5-13-02 big loop: 1500 people. * programmer's challenge - local link - 2- 1-02 "Your Challenge this month is to produce a better Sex Chart." (no one did.) * uk: the paper chase - 1-24-02 "It may be worth your while, though, the paper also looks into Sexchart ( - an online document that links more than 1,400 internet users who have shared sexual encounters. sexchart v9.43 - 1- 1-10 sexchart v9.42 - 5- 1-06 sexchart v9.41 - 6- 1-05 sexchart v9.40 - 12-26-04 sexchart v9.39 - 7-30-04 sexchart v9.38 - 5- 3-04 sexchart v9.37 - 1-27-04 sexchart v9.36 - 11- 8-03 * metafilter - local link - 10- 9-03 "Conversely, do you need a chart to track who has dated whom, who has slept with whom, and who has had more than their fair share of drunken hookups? sexchart v9.26 - 4-12-02 * WSVN television interview - 2-18-02, 2-19-02 shown as a 'feature story' on "the news channel, wsvn". * metro article corrections - local link - 2- 7-02 corrections to the metro santa cruz newspaper article, below.

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