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AE: Does your working relationship with Angela Robinson mean there could potentially be any guest appearances for you on : Would you change anything in the way it was written and how?

Unless you're a vampire who's been alive for centuries and hasn't aged a day since 1997, it might come as a 'wow I've gotten old' surprise to learn that Buffy the Vampire Slayer debuted 20 years ago today, March 10.

“I used to collect and listen to tapes of The Jack Benny Show, The Jack Parr Show, Amos and Andy, George Burns and Grace Allen, you name it.

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Together, they have two kids: Charlotte, seven, and Rocky, four.

The butt-kicking, wise-cracking, vamp-vanquishing star of the show was 15 years old when the series premiered — though Sarah Michelle Gellar was 19 at the time.

While the first season was a short 12 episodes, it earned good ratings in an as-yet-untapped market, and Sarah Michelle became a fast star, also coming out with a major role in I Know What You Did Last Summer that year.

And on Friday, in honor of the anniversary, the actress took to Instagram to thank the show's most dedicated fans, posting a behind-the-scenes image of herself shooting a scene, along with a lengthy message to all who have supported Buffy throughout the years.'20 years ago today, I had the greatest privilege to bring Buffy to your TV screens for the first time,' she wrote. First the movie, then a passed over pilot presentation, and eventually a mid season time slot on a little known network.'She went on to praise her fellow cast and crew members on the show, naming several of the actors who played Buffy's love interests in particular.

Benson was born in Birmingham, Alabama to psychiatrist, Edward and Diane Benson.

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