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Doesn’t it seem like Kalon and Lindzi should be pretty good spellers? The twist on this bee is that the couples have to spell in tandem, alternating letters. It comes down to Jaclyn/Ed and Sarah/Chris when the words get harder, like “aphrodisiac,” “philanderer” and “boutonniere,” which would have tripped me up, to be honest. They go back and forth on several words they can’t spell, like “soiree,” “lascivious” and “entrepreneur.” Chris/Sarah finally win on “serendipity.” Blakeley cries, which is kind of funny.

That would throw us off and we’re pretty good spellers. And to add insult to injury, three of the top spellers from California (age roughly 12) are the judges. The couples start with easy words just to get into the swing of alternating letters. Chris and Sarah are awful people on this show, but it’s so much more fun to watch with them in it. They immediately get to star their date, as Blakeley misuses the word “literally” in saying that she felt like somebody stabbed a knife in her back and turned it 20 times when Chris and Sarah won.

the long-distance nature of their relationship played a part (she was in Seattle, he was in California), along with a lack of communication and trust.

So we resigned ourselves to never knowing what crazy names they’d give their kids, and felt sorry for horse-whispering Lindzi — who had infamously been texted to “Dumpsville” by another ex-boyfriend. What is a creative birthday gift for boyfriend who has everything?

Fans of ABC's hit reality franchise were thrown for a loop this spring when luxury brand consultant Mc Mahon, 29, berated Bachelorette Emily Maynard's daughter and called her "baggage," but on Monday's episode of , the show's villain appears to be changing his tune.

PHOTOS: Bachelor Pad's sexy stars On a one-on-one date with Lindzi Cox, Mc Mahon ditches his bitter behavior and opens up to the woman he is closest to in the mansion.

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Chris and Sarah’s Date They take a prop plane to a toy train to a barn or something. I’m a little surprised they aren’t just sitting on a train set while scenery paper whooshes by and a production assistant jiggles the train set and blows a wooden whistle.of course that’s what someone on this co-dependent, Stockholm Syndrome show would say.Post Rose Ceremony Rachel’s having a total meltdown, like she can’t date Michael when the show is over in like two weeks.And it sounds like the arrogant Kalon was just as bad in his relationship with Cox as he was on “I know personally that he was not very nice to Lindzi.It was her birthday weekend and he was going to come into town, and then at the last minute said he couldn’t because he had something going on.

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