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The following rules apply to nested transactions: Notice in the following example that because changes in a nested transaction aren't written to disk but to the transaction buffer, the inner transaction will overwrite the changes made to the same STATUS fields in the earlier transaction: BEGIN TRANSACTION && transaction 1 UPDATE EMPLOYEE ; && first change SET STATUS = "Contract" ; WHERE EMPID BETWEEN 900 BEGIN TRANSACTION && transaction 2 UPDATE EMPLOYEE ; SET STATUS = "Exempt" ; WHERE HIREDATE The following nested transaction example deletes a customer record and all its related invoices.Loop through all modified records, starting with the first record.I assume you are proficient with C and have a basic grasp of physics and mathematics.Nothing else will be required if you pay attention and study the example source code.Transactions can protect you from system-generated errors during data updates on remote tables.Operations involving variables and other objects don't respect transactions; therefore, you cannot roll back or commit such operations.

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We perform these predictions using a mathematical technique called integration.

Exactly how to implement this integration is the subject of this article.

If a record was changed by another user, locate the first modified record.

Check the buffered value against the value on disk, and then present a dialog box to the user.

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