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The whole trick is, you need to replace the new 'pbgame.htm' that comes with the present pbsetup-Download with an old Click me that includes legacy games.

Remark: Online Resources are gone finally, so pbsetup will just return errors for most legacy games.

answer my own question, the appdata pb files seems to be built from the files in the game directory pb folder.Run the new Punkbuster setup, click “Add Game,” and select Call of Duty 4.Now click “Check for Updates.” It should download new Punkbuster files for Co D4.well, i'm sure many of you have heard about this tragedy. Most of us have had cod4 installed for a long time and won't directly notice it, but for fresh installs it's problematic.They can't get the right punkbuster files to play on our or many of the other punkbuster protected servers out there.

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