Dating recipes

We're hoping to see the recipe for the herb-stuffed turkey that Chip is carrying. I'm surprised the smell of this pecan pie isn't waking @chippergaines up.

Dice it and throw it in a bowl with garlic and onion powder Shove that in the microwave for a few minutes and take it out when the tater is almost soft.

It’s not a sexy word, and I assure you that this curd is very much so (not unlike the tall, broad-shouldered boy who has me all fired up and writing about the throes of dating).

It’s silky smooth and tart, infused with puckery citrus flavor that is mellowed by sweet honey.

With more than 350 handwritten recipes dating from 1690 to 1830, dishes range from 'Veal kidney Florentine,' a pastry tart with kidney, apples, lettuce, orange peel, spices and currants, to 'Mammas Mince Pyes', made with a mince mixture of candied fruits and cow's tongue.

Those wishing to recreate the a Georgian supper can whip up a 'Sweet spinach tart' cooked using almonds, nutmeg and half a pound of sugar, before washing it all down with a Tewahdiddle, a regency cocktail of beer, brandy, sugar, ginger, nutmeg and lemon peel.'We thought the recipes were all compiled from one year, because one date was written on the binding, but we've been advised that they span 140 years ago, and we think it was the property of one family,' she said.'It's a really good way of appreciating just how laborious and difficult it would have been to make these recipes.

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