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Well, the Beatles didn't live through the recession of the late aughts—and some of today's women are realizing that their relationships are more dependent on money than they once believed. In an essay on The Daily Beast she reveals that ever since her boyfriend lost his job she's frustrated, resentful and wonders if her love is more conditional than she realized.

Her boyfriend is a doctor who regularly appeared on TV.

If you’re suggesting a restaurant, suggest a common one rather than a five-star restaurant with velvet ropes out front; if you’re suggesting a weekend away, suggest an average hotel instead of one known for top-of-the-line amenities and services.

By doing this, you are sending a clear message that you are interested in getting to know that new person better, not trying to milk him or her for their money.

Comments on these pieces have ranged from supportive ("I thought it was brave to blog this--it's honest.") to all-out nasty ("Why don't you just steal someone's nice, fat wallet and have sex with it, its obvious you neither want nor deserve a man.") Many people wrote to say they were in a similar situation.

One dating blogger presented her theory that seeing marriage as a business relationship and coupling up with someone you don't know very well for purely financial reasons might be a good idea.

TIP: Millionaire Match specializes in matchmaking Millionaires and those who want to marry them If you're a woman looking to date a wealthy man just for the financial stability (which sounds like an awful goal but it's also pretty easy to understand) then it's all about putting yourself in the right setting.

Try going to a high end restaurant alone and having a drink at the bar.

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Yes, dating someone with money has a lot of advantages in that he or she offers the prospect of having a nice home in a good area, fancy vacations, and the chance to engage in activities and outings that many others can’t afford.When he loses his job he gets reacquainted with his creative side while Esther works two jobs she hates. I know I should be thankful to even have a job, let alone two, that there are people out there worse off—people with mortgages, kids to feed, and diminishing retirement accounts. When I vent my frustrations to girlfriends, I feel like I'm betraying the man I love, and myself.After all, this is not the inspirational "despite hard times" talk people want to hear during economic crises.Money's role in your relationship may be greater than you realize."All you need is love." That's what the Beatles said, and it remains a pretty tempting. If you love someone it doesn't matter if he's a jobless pauper—you'll make it work, somehow.

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