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View of Table Bay with ships of the Dutch East India Company, c. In the 1600s the size of the Dutch merchant fleet probably exceeded the combined fleets of England, France, Spain, Portugal, and Germany.

or sometimes known as the Dutch East Indies Company, was originally established as a chartered company in 1602, when the Dutch government granted it a 21-year monopoly on the Dutch spice trade.

Find out through: (Asian Development Bank -Indonesia section) (International Crisis Group provides free in-depth reports on many countries, including Indonesia) (the United Nations Development Program publishes the annual Human Development Report as a free PDF download.) (the United Nations Children's Fund, publishes the annual State of the World's Children -free PDF download) back to top Dutch-Indonesian Links (in Dutch) (Stichting Bersama bevordert de sociale band tussen Nederland en Indonesi) (paintings from Indo-European artist Emile Snellen van Vollenhoven) (virtuele ontmoetingsruimte voor iedereen die iets 'heeft' met Indi of Indonesi) id (Indonesia Benelux Chamber of Commerce with offices in Jakarta and The Hague) Nuansa Seni (Indonesian dances and catering) (veel links naar indische sites) (indische site) Smaragd Reizen De Azi specialist, door Indo's, voor Indo's en iedereen (visumaanvraagservice vanuit uw luie computerstoel) back to top Expatriates (property and houses for sale and for rent in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali -only in Indonesian) id (elaborate site with detailed information and chat groups for expatriates in Indonesia.

Its focus is on Jakarta) jakarta.(detailed information and sources for expatriates living in Jakarta) (All about Jakarta's well known nightlife around Blok M, what else can we say?

One includes the scammer telling the victim that they don't have enough annual leave left to come and visit them but that they can buy some from their employer.

This costs around £250 a day, so 10 days will cost £2,500.

Someone you have started to develop a relationship with online might first ask for money for travel costs, or say they have lost their plane ticket so need to borrow some cash for a new one.

What is more – you will be handed a menu with drugs of the day, and there might be even a special on the menu. Aren’t the Dutch concerned about the real dangers of drug abuse?The Dutch consider this rule as fundamental, accepting for example the possibility of the controlled suicide (euthanasia), for terminally ill patients.Although this is also possible in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and some parts of the US.In July, the average payout was as high as £10,882.With one in four British adults using a dating website at some point in their life, according to Which?

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