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Part of the problem is that source material isn't always dated. By 1583, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, and the Roman Catholic German States were all using New Style dates.Even if it is, past scholars sometimes misinterpreted what they read. England, however, as a Protestant nation, continued to use the Old Style Julian Calendar until 1752.However, the Gregorian calendar introduced a problem for genealogists.The problem was caused by the fact that non-Catholic western countries, particularly England and all of her colonies, were exceedingly disinclined to accept the scientifically correct, but "Roman" created calendar, they being suspicious of anything decreed by a Catholic Pope.Dates in Gramps are much more complex than just a month, day, and year.

The result is a lot of confusion and not much accuracy.The purpose of this article is to describe the reason for the calendar change, how it affects genealogical dating of early events, and how to record events dated during the transition period. D.) was used throughout the Middle Ages in most of Europe.Impact of the Calendar Change on Genealogy Records The Julian Calendar (45 B. Genealogists must be aware that during most of this Julian calendar period the New Year began on March 25, and March was designated the "first" month -- even though only the last seven days of March fell in the "new year" as then defined.Thus, English reports on the Spanish Armada of 1588 record events as taking place ten days earlier than Spanish reports do. May 1, 1593, for example, was a Tuesday in the Julian calendar but a Saturday in the Gregorian calendar.Then there's the matter of double dating, as in February 2, 1555/6.

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