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Today I was in the midst of doing markdowns with the store manager, and when the United 93 bit hit I fucking unsuccessfully held my laughter in front of an Asian family, I had to hurriedly make my way to the bathroom and EXPLODE. I giggled for the rest of the day, the store manager was NOT into it.

But today's Boxer's just don't strike me as K9 dog material, they don't much care to be spoken to harshly for one thing. I've heard it said by a trainer of K9's that he could train 3 GSD's in the time it takes to train one Boxer! But I don't believe today's Boxers are the same dogs as the dogs that came over after WWII I believe it was, when they got big over here?Everyone else around him seems to be doing it, and his ninth incarnation seemed interested on more than one occasion, for example with Jabe in "the End if the World," and possibly responding to Jack's flirting on occasion.-Littlblueyes I would say yes, but presumably it has different cultural significance to earth.I think he just has a lot of control over himself, possibly due to the number of relationships he has had with companions (plutonic).Taccer 07 , 19 April 2009 (UTC) * The 1st Doctor had a wife and child.

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