Keeping your options open dating Married mom cam

Easy and simple and without stress and frustration and tears and worry.

It’s supposed to go without insecurity and confusion. The only difference is – it’s not necessarily supposed to go the whole time with JUST HIM!

When it comes to hearing people out on their dating issues, I try to be as open-minded as possible, but there is ONE circumstance where I have been known to LOSE my mind at my male and female friends: When they complain about being by someone they were seeing after their situation-ship did not materialize into a relationship.

If you DARE bring that BULLSH*T complaint to me, chances are I’m gonna go in on you for at least three to five minutes as a mandatory minimum.

Dating more than one person at the same time is the new norm.

The idea is that you are keeping your options open.

If you consider yourself a grown-ass adult in 2013, and you still subscribe to the ideology that it’s perfectly cool to CLOSE all your dating options BEFORE you receive a commitment, you are simply an IDIOT.

I know I must’ve written about this topic NUMEROUS times already, but there’s one point I continually stress that most women AND men tend to frequently misunderstand or ignore: Always be open to dating MULTIPLE people until you receive the OFFICIAL commitment you are looking for.

It ensured you never do anything with any of the men wholeheartedly, and you get yourself trapped in the circle of indefinitely postponing a decision until you’re certain it’s a perfect choice – a conviction that is never achieved. Bode was like a breath of fresh air after a series of failed relationships.

I know this goes against everything you’ve ever heard or dreamed about.

We all think when we meet “The One” it will happen fast. But most of the time – we’re not quite READY for it to happen this quickly and easily.

For someone like me who is certainly almost incapable of giving her attention or affection to more than one man at a time, this concept of keeping options open has been a huge challenge. But, last week, I was interviewing a friend, ‘Sade’, for an article, we started on the topic of multi-dating and she said to me: “Nkem. Stay open to dating multiple people until you receive the official commitment you are looking for, because in the end, not keeping your options open will be your own fault.

” For the first time, I was willing to entertain the thought without reservations.

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