My best friends are dating each other

Whenever they ask me to hang out I come up with some excuses to avoid them. Distraught Dear Distraught, I understand how you feel.

” Turns out she didn’t find it as awesome as I did. This went on and on until I finally broke down and replied, “Would you rather them break up? Lilly may have felt “slighted,” but love is one the world’s biggest mysteries, and her two best friends discovered it together. More importantly, if you don’t get that, how does that make you look? And I hate to even call it a “loss.” Mannerly Nation, a proper person doesn’t want anything bad to happen to friends, like a messy break up.I can understand how hurt you must be; first being part of this circle and now they share a special bond which you are not a part of – no wonder you feel like you’ve lost them!But you have to understand that you haven’t lost them.” I replied properly, “But aren’t you happy for them?” Then she told me how they were planning a trip to Spain this summer, which to me sounded pretty amazing.

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