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A small balloon is fed down this tube and inflated in the lungs to block off the area being treated, so that steam does not flow backwards into healthy parts of the lung.Then steam is fired through the tube into the targeted lung tissue, scalding the tissue.Each vapour blast lasts between three and ten seconds.Results from international trials of more than 50 patients show the therapy leads to significant improvements in lung function (measured as a reduction in breathlessness), and increases the amount of physical activity they could perform, which was gauged by the distance they could walk in six minutes.Juggling has always been pretty easy for me, but I actually want to do less of it. The nights I don’t want to make dinner, I ask a family member to jump in.Of course with adult kids now, everyone seems to have a pretty good attitude. Our favorite summer meal has been Abby’s spring rolls, this time made with leftover salmon.

Piers had advised me to be fairly ruthless, especially with the peonies, which I cut back almost to soil level so that the new, red buds were pushing through like lipstick tips.I must have looked crestfallen, for Piers told me that the idea of marrying up the turf schedule with my terrace was not a bad one at all.Cheltenham time, which was fast approaching, was exactly the moment to start pruning, cleaning and feeding my containers if I wanted my terrace to be looking great by, say, Derby day. It wasn't pretty, but thankfully Francis Ford Coppola wasn't hiding behind the pots with a film crew.Last night, my husband and I felt like little kids again, under the stars, with the giant moon staring down on us.For a last minute date, we went to our community’s outdoor movie night, and had a blast. Even as simple as a walk to the river, an overnight trip in our VW Vanagon, or sitting in our backyard (or now, on our deck). Like last night–physical touch, no words – just laughing and enjoying entertainment together.

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