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my gleanings must involve many omissions, errors, inaccuracies & misinterpretations ... at least they will have a start point for their project - four words, 'education and compound interest' ...

but this is 'only a story' written for my great grandchildren ... supposedly first uttered by Edward Hindley as his yarns were spun, then recounted much later by ancient Eda in tales she told ...

It was used as offices after the Second World War, serving as the headquarters for the Wellcome Foundation for nearly thirty years.

As of 2013, it is used as a hotel, restaurant and health club.

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in this way, unnoticed, these little local activities of inconspicuous folk like the Hindleys created ripples & a few waves, some of which turned into tsunamis ...

Legal problems resulted in the lands being acquired by Sir Christopher Hatton, from whose heirs Sir Randolph Crewe (1559–1646) purchased an extensive estate including the manors of Crewe, Barthomley and Haslington in 1608 for over £6,000 (£1.03 million today).

Born in nearby Nantwich, reputedly the son of a tanner, Sir Randolph (or Ranulph) had risen through the legal profession to become a judge, member of parliament and the parliamentary Speaker.

The hall was extended in the late 18th century and altered by Edward Blore in the early Victorian era. Other artists and craftsmen employed during the restoration include J. The interior is elaborately decorated and contains many fine examples of wood carving, chimneypieces and plasterwork, some of which are Jacobean in date. On the estate are cottages designed by Nesfield's son, William Eden Nesfield, which Pevsner considered to have introduced features such as tile hanging and pargetting into Cheshire.

Barry after a fire in 1866, and is considered among his best works. Crace, Henry Weekes and the firm of Clayton and Bell.

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