True blue dating servece

I feel justified in making the judgment that I do (ie, Maggie Gallagher is a whiny bitch) because that's about the level of sophistication her arguments took ("like the first ingredient is a husband and a wife, duh").I also feel justified in critiquing what she has to say because we are equally qualified to comment on marriage and social policy.So I was generally interested in seeing what she was going to say in a series of posts geared toward lawyers.

Over the past few years I've read much of what she has written and I always thought it boiled down to "sex makes babies so we shouldn't allow gay marriage" which of course makes that kind of sense that doesn't.We both have undergraduate degrees from ivy league schools (Dartmouth '99; Yale '82) in fields unrelated to social policy (Chemistry; probably English and since none of her biographies seem to indicate what it was, I'm guessing it has nothing to do with government or sociology).We both have published an equal number of peer-reviewed articles on marriage (zero; zero).We both worship the whore of Babylon (Catholics, you know).We both have a checkered past with payments for expertise (she was payed by the Administration to espouse their policies in print; I was payed by a university to "volunteer" my time a local high schools).

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