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The fifth-in-line to the throne is deserving of a nice long vacation. Would anyone suspect Harry would sneak off somewhere else?Now Pips has arrived in the tropical paradise and probably dragged James and their buddies along to make it look as if this wasn’t a romantic getaway with Harry.

“They're saying that is way down the line.” Here now is everything there is to know about Markle: WATCH: Prince Harry Meets His Redhead Mini-Me and It's the Cutest Moment Ever 1.

Is this it – are Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton trying to figure out how to best break the news to Queen Elizabeth? Remember when those in the know revealed that Pips just showed up at Prince Harry’s bachelor palace wearing skintight jeans and a nearly see-through crop top one night?

Since the day Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge Pips has had an eye on Prince Harry. Harry threw together some pasta carbonara, and opened a bottle of wine?

Yes, more whispers that Prince Harry is dating Pippa.

On January 1, 2016 Pips and brother James Middleton were spotted landing in St. Allegedly Prince Harry arrived just after Christmas at Sandringham.

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